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   My name is Nack, and this a place where I present documented personal projects so that others may share interest in them as well. Most of these are the result of hanging around in the machine shop, but there are also design projects and astrophotography works as well.

   I graduated from the mechanical engineering program at San Francisco State University, and currently work as machinist/engineer. Resume, permissions, and other inquiries can be directed to: nf.focus[at]

  To date, most web traffic is directed towards my Kater's Pendulum page. It may be the only page on the web detailing the design and mathematics behind creating a practical model from scratch. I have plans to elaborate on this page, but for the interim would be interested in publishing additional information submitted by guests (with credits) in order to make it a more complete resource!

   Please visit Bay Area for all your machining, welding, and waterjet needs.

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