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Dark Sky Tour

  Dark Sky Tour is the name given to two 2012 and 2013 road trips which were planned specifically for astrophotography. Both covered a vast swath of the Southwestern U.S. and predominately captured desert landscape under the Milky Way as well as distant astrological objects through our telescope. This two part project culminated this year (2013) in the production and distribution of a coffee table book:

  Our project was crowd-funded through and through this avenue, we were able to raise more than 5,000$. These funds were used primarily for producing the rewards for the pledgers, but also to assist in the basic necessities of the ambitious road trip.

Visit our Dark Sky Tour Kickstarter webpage
    The book that we published features several unique locations visited as we travelled with all our gear to a most distant location of Coral Pink Sand Dunes, UT, and back. We visited St. George, UT, Death Valley, CA, any many other interesting locations along the way. We departed and finished from San Francisco, CA.

   A sampling of the photos taken are viewable below. Select photos from Dark Sky Tour are available for sale at our astrophotography website which supports an online storefront.

The Trifecta at Zyzzyx Road, CA

Wild Duck Cluster

Trifid Nebula

Swan Nebula

Milk Over the Arizona Strip

Plaides Cluster

Orion Nebula

Delicious Milky Way

Pinwheel Galaxy

Lagoon Nebula

Double Cluster

Lightning over Death Valley

Milky Way

Andromeda Galaxy
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